April 2018


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Copywriting is “the use of words to promote a person, business, opinion or idea.” (wikipedia) The problem with a lot of websites is the business owner or designer slaps some words on the website and [...]

March 2018

the best time of day to tweet

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Did you know that the best time of day to tweet is actually NOT when most people send their tweets.  According to an article from MarketingProfs, the majority of tweets occur during business hours but [...]

February 2018

professional logo design

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What Your Logo Should Convey... What makes a good professional logo design.... A lot of people seem to think a logo is just the little graphic on the left hand corner of their website [...]

January 2018

professional web design

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What can WDS do for you?  We can provide professional web design solutions for all of your web needs whether it is a new web design or redesign, e-commerce, SEO, Social Media, site updates. WDS [...]