six reasons why you need a blog

Social Media For Your Small Business – Six Reasons Why You Need a Blog Raise Your SEO Rankings – Updating your blog adds new material to your site. That fresh material keeps your site active and raises its ranking.  You can link from your blog back to pages on your own website. Those backlinks can.. read more →

01 Mar 2017
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why your logo matters

Your logo is much, much more than just a little graphic, and it should be given a lot more thought than you might imagine. read more →

01 Feb 2017
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Your 2017 Marketing To-Do List

Try something new in 2017! Don’t know where to start… here is a list. read more →

20 Jan 2017
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what to do or not do in local SEO

What to do for get ranking in local searches:- 1. Correct your On-page optimization: Local-based optimization includes your contact details, business phone numbers and region-centric keywords e.g Keywords + city name. 2. Create Google My Business: Signing up with search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo, enhances one’s being in organic searches with business page… read more →

01 Jan 2017
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